Growing up as the oldest of six in a family that constantly traveled, life was like one big circus. Maybe that’s where Brandon gets his curiosity and insatiable appetite for stories. With an ear for storytelling and a keen eye for filmmaking and visual arts, Brandon leads creative services in Corgan’s media and video production studio. “Good storytelling means striking a balance between resonating with one person versus impacting as many people as possible,” he says, “and when it comes to spaces and the fascinating people who create and inhabit them, there’s never a shortage of stories.”

In his 12+ years with Corgan, Brandon has produced and directed hundreds of commercial broadcasts, episodic content, media campaigns, and documentary shorts and contends he could never dream up a better job. MediaLab has grown into a state-of-the-art multi-media and in-house production studio with all the tools and technology to stage live broadcasts and produce content, incorporating virtual reality, film, VXF, CGI motion graphics, and animation to tell our client’s stories. In 2019, Brandon became the host of TheSquare, a bi-weekly YouTube series featuring interviews with architects, educators, creators, and industry leaders.

Brandon is excited about what is in store for the future of storytelling with the possibilities of AI, VR, cameras, audio, and lighting to create video, film, and immersive experiences. MediaLab not only creates content for Corgan but also offers a host of creative services — conducting visioning sessions and creating scripts, branding, and imaging for media campaigns and video — to support clients who want to market and tell their stories. Recently, MediaLab created an immersive experience for TMGcore which engaged all five senses for a product launch. For Fanatics, the team used VR goggles and paintball to walk the client through a 3D design concept of their space.

On his days off, Brandon travels to Colorado with his family to enjoy the outdoors. Always ready with a camera, he loves meeting new people and asking them to “tell me your story.”