Brandon on Set

Who Am I?

I am a ginger from the UK, raised in Florida, and living in the greatest state in the Union. God has given me a beautiful wife and amazing son. I love to hear|tell|create stories. A natural curiosity for life and the world around us find me taking on some pretty cool projects.
  • Creative Director
  • Filmmaker
  • Producer
  • Storyteller


Some of my highlights

My day job as the Executive Creative Director at Corgan Medialab means everyday is different. And moonlighing as a filmmaker means there are always new projects that give me the opportunity to push the limits of my creativity. Here are a few that have stood out:
  • Award Winning Short “Static” and “NYR”
  • Shanghai PVG piece -28 min in Chinese and English
  • Feature Film “TZW”
Over a hundred nominations and awards for various commercials and short films.
I have had the oppertunity to shoot, direct, produce and work with crews all over the world. Here are some of the places production has taken me:

    • England & Scotland
    • China
    • Romania
    • Mexico
    • UAE/Dubai
    • Cuba
    • Greece
    • New York to Cali; Washington to Florida