Corgan’s Interior Designers believe at their core that a space should reflect the culture and brand of the people that work there. Fossil is a world-renown, iconic brand; it was a massive task to give that brand life in a building that as once a large medical office.

This kind of story was a first for Corgan. It was a story of collaboration one their recently completed project of the Fossil Headquarters. It was a story told almost exclusively from the point of view of the client, in their own words. And it was one of my favorite (as well as my first) projects with the MediaLab team. It is always better to have your client talk say how incredible the design is than for you to do it. And the people at Fossil were only to happy to talk about the incredible experience they had in designing their new HQ.

2nd DP

Brandon Carmichael
Jun Kang
Justin Ransom
Fran Gaconnier
Brandon Carmichael