Since 2012, Brandon has worked at Corgan MediaLab where he gets to tell engaging stories and exercise his “nerd-gene” on a daily basis using newer technology like drones and VR as well as more traditional film methods. He leads the Film Production, Post Production and Agency departments as the Executive Creative Director. Brandon’s work has won multiple awards at various film festivals including Best Director, Best Film, etc.

Brandon’s love of film and storytelling began when he was asked to TA a Video 101 class at Wheaton College. He received a BA degree in Communications-Film, and following some post-graduation work, moved to the United Kingdom to start his career working for the Cannes Lions Festival. After returning to the United States, he earned the role of Producer at Big Fish Films where he traveled both nationally and internationally. In 2007, he accepted a Creative Director position at Prestonwood Baptist Church directing over 120 episodes of their weekly 15 minute kids sitcom. He joined YouPlusMedia, in 2010 and served as the as the Creative Director.